Monday, December 10, 2012

Week 14 ~ Açai- The seductress of Brazil: VWU

It has been a tough week for Elder Vester this week. I am sure this won't be the last either. I think he is doing better than he thinks he is and with being away from home and family and friends for the holiday, it has to be hard. I know he will make it though, just keep him in your prayers. At least I hope he misses us all!

Here is letter and a picture of Acai.

Olá gente!
Nothing fun happened this week. I fell victim to the Açai. I really love it. :D Attached is a picture of Brazilian ice cream. I'm going to be soooo fat. This work of art is about $1.50 USD.
So enticing!
This week has been rough. Almost all of our appointments fell through, and we had 3 baptisms fall. Lucimar is not making much progress, and the work is very hard right now. It's super hot, and my companion has no patience for complaining. .>->;
My talk was.... ok. I felt like a very silly little boy trying to speak a language I had no clue how to speak, in front of a group of native speakers. 
My solo is this weekend, in some kind of Christmas program. I'l excited. I may have no idea what the words I am singing mean, but I know how to sing them. <3 I blame Sister Miller.
And speaking of music. Elder Luke Haddad, and Elder Brame. I've listened to the recording of Come thou fount a lot this week. Thank you for bringing your love and spirit into my life. <3

This week has been a week of reflection. I've thought a lot about my past. About what I was supposed to learn, and what I have yet to understand about my life. I discovered how hard it is to truly be repentant, and forgive others; its like, super hard sometimes. Sunday was almost all talking about forgiving others, and loving your enemies. How on earth am I supposed to teach people about the atonement, and forgiveness, when I don't have enough room to forgive certain people in my past.
So, I'm doing my best to learn to forgive. I want nothing more then to be successful, and I know this roadblock is keeping me from progressing. There is a sister, by the name of Nildemar in my ward. I look up to her a lot; she is an amazing example of forgiveness. She has a daughter in law, that backed out of a drug deal, and One thing lead to another, and Nil was put in prison for 2 years, and took the fall for what happened. She's found forgiveness in her heart for what happened, and I know I need to do the same. Nil is an amazing woman, and she always has some kind of food for us. :D

But, on a more crafty note, I have began weaving a cover for my little signature book! It's adorable; woven book covers are semi-popular in Brazil, and I love it. I went with Royal Blue, and Gray. RAVENCLAW PRIDE.

I love all of you, and I look forward to skyping the family on Christmas. <3
~Elder Vester

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