Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Here is Elder Vester's email and we have pictures this week!

Say hello to Laìza, and family.
She's my newest recent convert. <3 We're totally going to baptize her entire family.
I am proud to say, I am a missionary now. The true test comes of a missionary when he is placed as senior, and to see if he baptizes or not.
Laìza, and family.
<3 And, I am amazingly happy to say, I am a missionary.
We had 14 investigators at church. <3 personal record.
And my heart is full. I am so happy.
All the pain, suffering, walking, and everything is worth it to help a soul come to Christ. <3 I love this feeling. It's why I'm here, and I can't get enough of it.

And what's more. I'm so happy to see how happy Elder Mendonça is. He's  been radiating the last 2 days.  I kinda forgot just how much joy can come when you really work hard, and that work pays off.
I can't even describe it. I love this work. The ups, are so very much worth the downs. I can hardly believe I am 11 months into the mission.
It's been an adventure. That's all I can say. <3
I love you all, and I love this work. <33333
I keep you in my prayers, and hope all is well.
Com Amor
Elder Vester

Also, there is a pet shop we pass every every day, and they JUST GOT NEW PUPPY DOCKSHOUDSSSSSSS

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