Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Week 24 ~ I might have a worm? :VWU

Elder Vester seems to be doing good. Here is his email and pictures for this week.

So, this week was nuts
But, lots of funny stories.
First. I woke up this morning with a strange line on my wrist, and I think it could be a worm. We'll see.
One of my investigators, Lucimar, found my blog last week, and read every single entry.
(e porque sei que tenho seu atenção, Olá. <3 Ti-amo. Pode continua lendo meu blog. E super estranha, mas eu fala só verdade.)
She's very intelligent, and speaks very very good English. lol, So, that was cute. 
Um, some guy was beat up in the street close to someone I know, and there was blood all over her door. :D Scary no jutsu!

No he isn't showing off his leg, he is showing off the super glue on his pants!
The teaching has been good this week, but I have been super trunky. I've been really homesick, but I'm doing my best to stay focused. c:
>_> I got super glue all over a pair of slacks, and I miss my peanut butter. D: This is the last of my peanut butter, and the first of my nutella.
So, this week something wonderful happened. 
Larissa, a young woman we are teaching, has been going to church for 5 years. She has wanted to join the church since her first week.  She's been given all the lessons, and she lives with her grandma. Her grandma has not given permission for her to get baptized. This last week, we invited her grandma to come to church.
This is the last of his peanut butter and the first of his nutella.
We also ended up getting to church an hour early, because we forgot about daylight savings time. lol
Anyway. We waited for Larissa and Salia to walk in. Only Larissa showed up.
I asked her how she was, and where her grandma was.
All she replied was "She gave me permission to be baptized!" And she grab my hands and wrung them.
I was overjoyed. I practically attacked elder Woodmansee. xD
So, we're trying to set a date.
It's going to be a good week.
With any luck, I'll have some brazillian pokemon things, tooooooo~
We got invited to a member's birthday party, Lucas. Thats Nil in the red dress.

So, life is good. <3
Now if I could just crochet. >_>
Until next week my beautifuls.
Vai com Deus
Com amor
Èlder Vester

Hamburger night at a member's house.

Jacob being Jacob., love him!

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