Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Week 23 ~ I don't like Carnival :VWU

It was Carnival time in Serra. At 5:00 AM as I was sitting by my computer waiting for Elder Vester to send me an e-mail - there was none, so I went to work. At about 4:00 PM there was a short email letting me know that it was Carnival time and that everything was closed.
This morning I had a pleasant surprise when I looked up at me e-mail that there was the message - Momma you on I hope! It made my day. So here is his short e-mail and no pictures this week. We take what we can get!

D:< Carnival is icky.
Literally everything closed down, and I was unable to email my mommy on time.
Not to mention we had to spend 4 days in the apartment, and everything beforehand totally came to a halt (Cuz everyone was getting ready for Carnival).

This last week was really hard on the work.
We had our 2 dates fall. One, because she was  traveling, and the other.... Ran away; He did not have the guts to tell us that he changed his mind, and he got on a plane to Rio, and no one knows exactly what happened. Thank you Brazil. lol

 So, yeah. The work has pretty much come to a standstill. But, I'll be patient, I know the lord will bless elder Christensen and I if we keep working hard.
Just one day at a time!
I've been reading a lot of Ensigns and Liahonas. (Church magazines.) The Conference editions are amazing. I've really come to love, and thirst for the words of modern revelation. I'm very very excited for April so I can hear the words of the living prophet again. c:

Until Monday
Com amor
Elder Vester

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