Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Week 11

Elder Vester seems to be doing well. A little frustrated this week about his camera, hopefully it will just be a dead battery.

Here is his letter for this week:

iei! (Whats up?)
I´ve started to adjust to the missionary life. I have a block of 4 hours of study every morning before I go out to work, but I enjoy it.
Elder Jones and I had 2 baptisms this week! (Both are future missionaries~)
Davyson, and Bruno. I hope to have pictures next week to send out to have put up on my blog. (I think my camera battery just died...)
It´s rained a lot this week. Almost every single day, and it´s rained every single night since I´ve been here. And apparently Serra does not get a bunch of rain. ;D Leave it to me to curse Brazil.
Apparently, this week has been very slow, according to Elder Jones. We taught 19 lessons, and he said that this is the lowest number of lessons in a week he´s ever had on his mission.
But, at the same time, we had 8 investigators, and 6 less active members at church this week. (A personal record for Elder Jones.)
So, I´m not complaining too much.
We also have had some wonderful references this week. Jusara, is by far my favorite.
She was a reference from a ward member, and it´s very clear that she´s been searching for the truth. I extended the Baptismal invitation to her, and she accepted, in the first lesson; By far one of the most wonderful experiences I have had in this mission so far.
I´m starting to understand Portuguese much better now, too! I can understand about half of what´s said now. And I can almost always understand Elder Jones. My vocabulary is very small, but I´m doing my best here. xD
I´m doing my best to learn, but it´s very hard. And a lot of times, I feel like I can´t do this.
So, I came up with a motto for myself.
 "Fear is the lack of Faith; when you´re scared, have more faith!"
And I've repeated it in my head many, many times.
Sometimes the Favelas scare me, and sometimes Portuguese scares me. But Every time I feel scared, I remind myself to have more Faith, and I have felt the supporting hand of the lord carry me through the times when I feel like breaking down.
I am loving the mission. <3
And I´m loving all the sassy black ladies here. Super sassy black ladies are now my favorite.
And also, apparently Halls is a candy brand down here....
I´m not sure how I feel about that; I don´t like cough drops. lol
Anywho! Sorry for the lack of pictures. I´ll probably cry myself to sleep if something is wrong with my camera, and all my pictures are gone.
But, sei la!
I love all of you, and I think of many of you often.
And I miss my Noggy. (MTC Joke.)
~Élder Vester

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  1. Sweet blog. I've been called to the Vitoria Brazil Mission. I report April 10th. It is nice to see how this mission is!