Monday, May 26, 2014

Countdown Week 18 ~ I'm a Tri-Country Missionary. VWU

Here is last weeks email from Elder Vester. Since today is a holiday, I won't email him until Wednesday. He got transferred and is serving in Republic, WA, that area goes into Canada. 


So, this'll be short.
But, I've been transferred. I'm going to Republic, Washington. I'm going to be senior companion, and District Leader. Haha. I'm going to ruin everything. :D
I get to do exchanges with the missionaries in Grand Forks, British Columbia.
So, I'll be packing lots today.
And I bought a 3 piece suit at goodwill for 8 bucks. :D It's super sick.
We did tons of splits this week. I had a lot of fun.
But, really I gotta go.
I know the church is true, and it's the best thing to have ever happen to me. <3333
:D Till next week!!!!
Love you all!
Elder Vester

Pictures form P-day.

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